Study: Cannabinoids Have Potential Therapeutic Use in Alcohol-Related Problems

Study: Cannabinoids Have Potential Therapeutic Use in Alcohol-Related Problems

Cannabinoids hold potential therapeutic use in alcohol-related problems, according to a new study being published in the journal Alcohol, and epublished ahead of print by the U.S. National Institute of Health.

“Case reports and observational studies suggest that the use of Cannabis sp. mitigates problematic ethanol consumption in humans”, states the study’s abstract. “Here, we verified the effects of the two main phytocannabinoid compounds of Cannabis sp., cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in the expression of ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization in mice.”

For the study, male adult mice “were exposed to locomotor sensitization by daily intraperitoneal injections of ethanol (2.5 g/kg) for 12 days; control groups received saline.” After the acquisition phase, “animals were treated with cannabinoids: CBD (2.5 mg/kg); THC (2.5 mg/kg); CBD + THC (1:1 ratio), or vehicle for 4 days with no access to ethanol during this period.” One day after the last cannabinoid injection, “all animals were challenged with ethanol (2.0 g/kg) to evaluate the expression of the locomotor sensitization.”

According to researchers; “Mice treated with THC alone or THC + CBD showed reduced expression of locomotor sensitization, compared to the vehicle control group.”

The study concludes by stating; “Our findings showing that phytocannabinoid treatment prevents the expression of behavioral sensitization in mice provide insight into the potential therapeutic use of phytocannabinoids in alcohol-related problems.”

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Andy Williams Of Medicine Man Technology Talks Cannabis

Andy Williams Of Medicine Man Technology Talks Cannabis

Andy Williams of Medicine Man Technologies Talks To Cannabis.Net

Curt:                      Good morning everyone wherever you are in the world we are in Las Vegas at the MJ business trade Show for everything cannabis, we have a special guest, Andy Williams of Medicine Man Technologies. For those of you who are not in the niche, if there was a Mt. Rushmore of cannabis, this company CEO is on it.  This man may be the George Washington of cannabis in Colorado. I’m going to let him explain what Medicine Man is.  The dispensary side is as well as the technology company. But welcome to live. Andy, thanks for taking the time.

Andy        Thank you so much for having me.

Curt:      Now what is going on in Colorado let’s talk about what is Medicine Man and Medicine Man  Technology.

Andy:                    Yeah. So Medicine Man Technologies is a leading cannabis company.  We cultivate and sell marijuana both in the medical and recreational markets. We also have a marijuana infused product company or a processor to make extracts and extract products as well.

Curt:                      How many dispensaries do you guys currently operate.

Andy:                    We have four dispensaries right now. We’re working on a fifth.

Curt:                      Excited about the growth! But Medicine Man is more than just a dispensary chain. What else do you guys do?

Andy:                    Yeah, we have a lot of businesses. One of the other businesses we have is medicine and technologies. Now this is actually a public company. It trades in the OTC under the ticker symbol MDC, Like Delta Charlie Lehman or MDC. It started as a consulting company. And still is a consulting company. You know what we tell people is if we if you have the money, desire, and the business acumen to get in the industry, but don’t have the know how, that’s what we provide the know. So we’ll help you do that. We help improve cultivation around the country and around the world. And we also have our own Nutri line called Success Nutrients. Hands down the best nutrients I’ve ever used. And then we can sell it around the world.

Curt:                      And if someone, you know, in the nitty gritty how big of a grow roughly, how much volume of cannabis do you sell? Let the people know that this is not your first rodeo and you’re pretty large.

cannabis grow

Andy:                    Sure. You know we have a 40,000 square foot Grow facility. From that facility. We do about 25 million dollars revenue a year.

Curt:                      OK and you and I had talked earlier that this show is very international between the people having the booths, as well as the people walking around. Where do you, how is the international scene affecting your company are you getting clients around the world or people coming to you in countries about to go legal or just creating medical laws? How’s that how’s that going for you.

Andy:                    Yeah that is where we’re getting more and more. Queries from around the world. We have clients right now. Uruguay, Germany, Canada. We’re about to sign one in Australia. We’re working with a group out of Israel.  The requests keep coming and we’ve worked for companies in the USA and now Jamaica. We have clients in 22 states so it’s really growing fast.

Curt:                      Twenty two states, what’s your feeling, and led me right into this question federally. What is your opinion on when it happens who’s going to be president, and how will happen? 

Andy:                    It won’t be this president when we’re legal. Hopefully the next. But there is going to be I strong movement made. I’m a board member of a group called the new Federal Reserve Fund. And we are working to get to E-D fixed in the United States which is a tax code that doesn’t allow us to deduct tax deductions that normal businesses do. And that would be a real big deal if we could get that fixed and there’s a chance that that gets fixed if the tax bill gets passed here by the end of the year.

Curt:                      Who is more against cannabis legalization, Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump?

Andy:                    Absolutely Jeff Sessions, this is not on Donald Trump’s agenda. Even Jeff Sessions has said so. Jeff Sessions had his way. It’s a different picture. You know he does have a boss to answer to as well.

Curt:                      And obviously you’re based is Colorado, you’ve had recreational and medical the longest. Where’s the future in legalized states now that a year or two, and California is about to go in six weeks. What would you tell people that they wish they knew two years from now? If you’re in California getting into the niche? You have a two year head start seeing in Colorado what would you do or not do?

Andy:                    Oh, Wow. Free advice Yeah free advice. One, I’d be vertically integrated I would control my own destiny. I would not let others grow for me in my store etc. I’d want to, I’d want to keep track of all of it.  I’d want to grow and want to be manufacturing, and I want to sell. I think the bleeding edge of this industry is research. There’s two states that allow medical research, Pennsylvania and Colorado. You know with my company I have a research company and will be partnering with clinical researchers to do this research. There’s a lot of low hanging fruit for cannabis, over 300 compounds in the plant. And. If you’re in the industry you see the miracles that you can give people on a daily basis. And so when you find out what these compounds are in the right formulation put in the dosage form that impacts the human condition reliably. And that changes the world. That is going to be very valuable.

Curt:                      Brand new person, and we get this on the website… I want to get in. I see what’s going to happen. What is the first thing someone should do that is a brand new a rookie to marijuana?  Doesn’t know anything about cannabis just knows the industry itself is going to grow exponentially. What would you tell someone brand new?

medicine man tech

Andy:                    Learned about the industry. You know, you know there’s a lot of people that get into this industry that don’t know about it and that’s fine you can do that. You have to have the help in order to make the dough. There’s a lot of lessons that have been learned in these last eight years since Colorado went legal anyway in 2009. And also in California before that and to try to reinvent the wheel is it’s kind of foolish. Easy to learn. Learn from those people before starting your company hires people that can help you avoid those same mistakes. Otherwise you’ll never be able to compete in this industry.

Curt:                      And what would be the most beneficial, other than going full legalization federally for your publicly traded company, if people are interested in investing. What do you do? Where do you see the growth for that company? What are you really digging into?

Andy:                    To say this is where say 12 to 18 months from now, we’re going to see some nice returns and growth. Well we have a new service line that got kicked off late last year. It’s called Cultivation Max. That’s where we go where somebody has an existing cultivation industrial level and it’s not performing as they wanted us to come in and bring them to a new level. We don’t get paid unless we’re successful and we’re paid on how successful we are. Those checks started coming in just last month for us because it takes, you know quite a lot pricing for that to happen. And as we build that client base, which we’re doing all the time right now, those revenues are going to keep increasing the other increasing revenues for us is going to be our nutrient line. We’re only in six states in Canada right now. And as that expands and our reach continues and people get more exposure to these nutrients that’s going to be huge for us.

Curt:                      You’re definitely the dispensary setter upper experts. Give me the top two mistakes that dispensary owners make right off the bat?

Andy:                    Boy there’s a couple of these. One is costs. There’s a couple of these. One, they’re underfunded. So they go in not understanding what the costs are going to be. And they just don’t have the funding survive to the point where what are they doing can make money. The second is letting themselves be held hostage by Guru growers, and that you know this would be called a mistake. So not knowing what’s going on out there. And. You have an employee or employees who without them you would not be able to survive you you’ll soon find you work for them.

Curt:                      Very interesting. And would Medicine Man Technologies plan on opening locations not only in the states, but again, other countries like Israel and Germany? Does that play in the future as far as physical locations consulting?

Andy:                    It has to be for us. It’s not just the consulting but distribution of our other products. We’re going to have to have it. People there that speak the local language and understand the laws. And how to move about in those regulatory schemes. So Medicine Man Technology will no doubt expand here and around the world.

Curt:                      At some point, and people want to get in touch with you, talk business, whether it’s on working for you or being a client what’s the best way to contact your company?

Andy:                    The best way is through our website. There’s a website listed that will show you a link to medicine and technologies dot com. And there is a contact us page right there.

Curt:                      Excellent, and I always have to ask,  you’re stuck on a deserted island you can have two strains the rest of your life…

Andy:                    That would have to be Oger which is very…it’s a wonderful strain smells like clockwork gray. And Blue Dream, we make a great and wonderful Blue Dream.

Curt:                      Blue Dream is on my list, too. I say it’s the Johnny Walker Black of cannabis, and it’s about this perfect hybrid.  Andy, thank you for your time. I know the show is about to start. Everybody, you have more questions or want to check out the site check out medicine man technology technologies he’s out of Colorado. Again we’re talking to the George Washington on Mount Rushmore of this movement so thank you very much for joining us..

Andy :                   Thank You.








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A “misguided crusade”: Canada's bill to legalize cannabis faces opposition

A “misguided crusade”: Canada's bill to legalize cannabis faces opposition

The Canadian House of Commons held a spirited debate over the legalization of cannabis Tuesday as the Liberal government presented a second reading of its Bill C-45.

Marco Mendicino, Justice and Attorney General, presented the government’s report and pressed for the passage of the legislation. He spoke of the “thousands of Canadians” who have been charged, convicted, and gone to jail for “small amounts of cannabis.”

“Canada is more than ready for a new approach,” said Mendicino.

But not all Canadians are convinced the Liberal’s approach is the right one. Over the course of three hours, Conservative Party members of Parliament questioned Liberal Party representatives on the timing and content of the bill.

Conservative MP Peter Kent of Ontario, referred to the bill as a “wacky campaign promise” and a “misguided crusade.” The Liberal government is “determined to force this bill” on the police and people of Canadian, he said, “whatever the cost to Canadian society.”

Kelly McCauley, Conservative from Alberta, criticized the “nonsensical, arbitrary deadline” of July 1. He conjured up the image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the head of the Liberal Party, joining a Canadian Day party on July 1, 2018, “pulling up his pants to show his marijuana socks” and sparking the “first ceremonial doob on Parliament Hill.”

Stephanie Kusie, a Conservative from Alberta, called for the House to reject C-45. She noted that the Canadian Association of Chief of Police have asked government to extend the implementation date past July 1, 2018.

Kusie reported that there is no reliable roadside measurement for driving under the influence of marijuana. She cited a recent study, saying Colorado experienced “drastic increases in deaths” caused by driving under the influence of cannabis (the authors of the study did not make a causal relationship). She also claimed that places that have legalized cannabis have seen increases in homelessness and crime, and that, “Smoking marijuana doubles the risk of developing schizophrenia.”

Kusie also raised the specter that Canada’s passage of C-45 “may cause disputes” with its southern neighbor, citing recent incidents of individuals who have been denied entry to the United States after admitting to American border officials that they had used marijuana. She added that by legalizing cannabis, Canada would be in violation of three United Nations treaties.

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu, the Opposition Critic for Health, has proposed an amendment to prohibit individuals from growing cannabis at home. The government report rejected this motion. The legislation allows adults to grow up to four plants at home. Provinces could impose more restrictive grow limits.

At the other end of the spectrum, Green party leader Elizabeth May has proposed removing the limits on distribution of cannabis by individuals. The current wording prohibits adults from giving more than the equivalent of 30 grams of dried cannabis (in whatever form), or a flowering or budding plant, to another adult or minor younger than age 18. For minors, the distribution limit is five grams.

Pierre Paul-Hus, a Conservative from Quebec, argued that the possession limit for young people be zero grams and 21 should be the minimum age to consume, pointing to Colorado as an example.

Treasury Board Secretary Joyce Murray rejected the claim that legalization would increase youth use. She said the law would put into place strict controls and penalties to protect young people. She also cited restrictions on advertising, labeling and packaging.

Murray pointed to a recent study showing a significant drop in opioid-related deaths in states that have legalized cannabis. Cannabis is a “safer, more effective” option than opioids, she said.

Don Davies, an NDP member from British Columbia, called out Liberals for using the opioid crisis as part of their argument to legalize cannabis, but not declaring a health emergency, as the United States recently has. Davies also asked if pardons would be available for the thousands of Canadians who currently have arrest records for marijuana possession.

David Lametti, Secretary of Innovation, Science an Economic Development, assured his fellow legislators that provinces and territories would be able to set limits as they saw fit, beyond those regulated in the act.

Provinces have already begun to dive into these questions, with Quebec announcing it will block home grows, and New Brunswick saying homeowners must lock up their cannabis. Quebec has also sought delaying the start of sales to 2019.

A “friendly amendment” from the Health committee expands sales to include edibles and concentrates, within one year of the bill’s passage. Those products aren’t included in the current wording of the legislation.

This is the second reading of the bill. There will be a third reading and debate within the next two days, thanks to a measure passed in the first part of Tuesday’s session, limiting the amount of time for debate. The House will likely vote on the bill on Friday or Monday, and if it passes, the Senate will take it up.

The Liberal Party has 181 seats in the House, so if all members support the bill, it will be able to withstand complete opposition from The Conservative Party, which has 96 seats; the New Democratic Party, which has 44 seats; the Bloc Québécois with its 10 seats; and the two independents and sole Green Party member.

Tuesday afternoon, the Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor released proposed regulations for legalization, on which the government will take public feedback through January 20.


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Cannabis for Bladder Cancer

Cannabis for Bladder Cancer

Cannabis for Bladder Cancer


Bladder cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, with around 68,000 new cases in the United States each year. Although bladder cancer affects men more than women, it can occur at any age.

The prognosis for bladder cancer is fairly good, considering that 7 in 10 cases are diagnosed early, when it’s still treatable. This is probably due to the fact that the symptoms of bladder cancer are obvious compared to other forms; with hematuria (blood in the urine) being a common symptom as well as painful urination and pelvic pain. In early stage bladder cancer, surgery may be used to remove cancerous tissue. Otherwise, patients may need to undergo other traditional forms of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, or immunotherapy. In some cases, bladder cancer patients may have the option of reconstruction, or the development of a new urine exit path if the bladder has been removed.

However, bladder cancer may recur at any time. People who have survived bladder cancer need to go for follow ups often for years despite having successful treatment.

cannabis bud

How Cannabis Can Help

Studies show that cannabis use can both prevent AND treat bladder cancer. According to a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, cancer smokers are 45% less likely to develop bladder cancer despite smoking tobacco being one of the top risk factors for this condition. The study, which looked at 84,170 participants in the California Men’s Health Study, intended to analyze the association between cannabis use and bladder cancer over the course of 16 years. The researchers wrote, “cannabis and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies.” On the other hand, the tobacco smokers in the group had a higher incidence of bladder cancer.

While the studies on cannabis and bladder cancer are far and few in between, the anecdotal evidence is astounding to say the least. Take the case of Trevor Smith, a UK resident, who was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2012. Trevor was told he had less than 2 years to live, and his only option was extreme surgery.

Trevor, then 54, and his wife Carol, 55, were inspired after watching a film called Run From The Cure, where they learned about cannabis. They took their chances and turned to alternative therapy; Trevor started taking Essiac tea and began looking for a source of cannabis. They got a hold of a legal cannabis oil manufacturer in the USA, through which he was able to obtain cannabis oil. Although cannabis is illegal in the UK and he risked the law, Trevor said,”It wasn’t a case of I had no respect for the law, I was fighting to save my life. At that point, I would have risked everything to beat the cancer.”

Even though Trevor never took cannabis in his life, he tried it out for 10 weeks. Carol wrote a book documenting her husband’s healing and she wrote, “Initially my husband reacted very badly to the cannabis oil, we had both never used any recreational drugs, so we weren’t aware of the effects it had.” The oil caused Trevor to be drowsy and often unresponsive, but after 10 weeks the tests revealed that the tumor in his bladder was still there but somehow, the cancer didn’t spread to his other organs. Doctors were then able to remove the cancer from his bladder.

Then there’s the case of Jack Kungel, whose body was severely damaged after taking pharmaceutical drugs for over 10 years for work-related accidents. Jack was diagnosed with bladder cancer on top of pharmaceutical toxicity. He underwent his first surgery in February 2011 where doctors removed a large tumor and bleeding lesions from the bladder walls. The doctors told him that his bladder needed to be removed, and the cancer affected his prostate although the surgery wasn’t enough. Doctors told Jack that his cancer was terminal, and that the only option was to remove his entire bladder – and he refused! Jack started researching, learning about cannabis and cancer. He then started taking cannabis aggressively in order to give his body as much of the cannabinoids as possible: he made oil, butter, ate it, cooked with it, and vaporized it. While it took almost a year, Jack was eventually declared cancer free at the beginning of 2012.

But that wasn’t the end of Jack’s story. He stopped his cannabis treatments after being declared cancer-free, but then his cancer came back although it stayed in the same place without spreading to other tissue. He found out that his PH levels tested at 3.5 which he calls the “dead zone”, since it’s in this kind of extremely acidic environment where cancer thrives. He took matters to his own hands again and opted for natural methods such as the Baking Soda and Molasses Cancer Protocol, and eliminated sugar completely from his diet. Miraculously, after 7 months, Jack’s doctors were shocked at what they found – he was cancer-free again, for the second time.

Do you know someone who used cannabis for bladder cancer? Share your experience with us in the comments below!








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Southeast Washington county to vote on pot production ban

Southeast Washington county to vote on pot production ban

The Columbian / Associated Press

Southeast Washington county to vote on pot production ban

PROSSER — Officials in a southeast Washington county will consider an emergency ordinance to ban new marijuana production and processing for six months.

The Tri-City Herald reports Benton County commissioners will vote Tuesday on the ordinance in Prosser.

Like a current retail ban, it would only affect new operators. It would not apply to the 47 cannabis producers and 35 processors with physical addresses in Benton County.

Benton County planning manager Jerrod MacPherson says the ban would end after six months unless the county commission acts to extend it or make it permanent.

Benton County has struggled with the unexpected consequences of recreational marijuana for much of the year.

Washington voters approved Initiative 502 in 2012. It passed statewide by 56 percent to 44 percent. Benton County voters rejected the measure.


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Michigan’s Marihuana License Educational Sessions Focus on Application Procedures, Not Substantive Guidance

Michigan’s Marihuana License Educational Sessions Focus on Application Procedures, Not Substantive Guidance

Michigan’s Marihuana License Educational Sessions Focus on Application Procedures, Not Substantive Guidance

by Hilary Vigil

On Wednesday, November 8, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and its Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation (BMMR) kicked off the first of a series of six educational sessions on Medical Marihuana Facility Licensing. LARA’s staff presented information about the two online platforms that will be used to apply for facility licenses and to track and inventory cannabis plants and products once facilities are open for business. The session did not, however, address many of the substantive questions that arise out of Michigan’s new Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (“MMFLA”).

The first half of the session included a step-by-step walk-through of Accela, the platform that applicants will use to apply online for facility licenses. LARA confirmed that applicants may submit a paper application instead of using Accela, if they prefer. The Accela presentation highlighted the platform’s functionality, but it did not provide any insight into how LARA plans to interpret key provisions of the MMFLA. For example, LARA did not address how the emergency rules to be issued later this month will interpret statutory disclosure requirements and ineligibility criteria for an applicant’s affiliates. LARA also did not reveal the contents of certain disclosure forms that applicants and their affiliates will be required to submit as part of the application. While many industry hopefuls were wishing for much-needed guidance, it appears that answers will be provided only when the State’s emergency rules are issued.

The second half of the session consisted of an overview of the statewide monitoring system, Metrc, that the state and industry members will use to track marihuana growth, processing, transportation, testing, and sales. The training touched on everything from how the cloud-hosted online system will track plants and products using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to how medical marihuana business owners will interface with the system, as well as how the state will use the system as a regulatory and compliance tool. Metrc staff reassured applicants that there will be more training and interactive support available to licensees who use the system once licenses have been issued.

Metrc will function mainly to log facilities’ employees and tasks, and to track marihuana inventory by location in each facility. Compliance investigators from the state will be able to scan an entire room of marihuana plants or products at once using an RFID scanner that reads an RFID tag attached to each plant or product. Licensees will use Metrc to assign a plant ID number and corresponding tag to each immature plant that will remain with the plant through its vegetative and flowering cycles. The system also facilitates harvest tracking in batches. During processing, licensees must assign package ID numbers to each product batch. Packages will be labeled with a new RFID tag. Metrc also facilitates transfers of plants and products between facilities; for example, a grower must assign its plants and their ID numbers to a secure transporter and then to the processor when transferring cannabis to a processing center. Each facility is responsible for the plants and packages corresponding to the ID numbers in its Metrc log, and compliance investigators will be able to compare inventory manifests in Metrc with plants and products physically present at each facility. Metrc aims to make regulatory compliance procedures efficient, but it also aims to provide value to facilities required to use the system.

Although Metrc was not created for the express purpose of managing or organizing businesses, facilities will receive some business management tools from the system. For example, facilities will be able to input information about marihuana strains, inventory items other than cannabis plants and marihuana products, and track weights and waste through the growing and processing stages. In its presentation, Metrc staff emphasized that enterprising facilities can use the system to analyze the regulatory data captured, to perform supply and demand forecasts based on moisture loss and waste data, and to calculate cost of goods sold. Information stored on Metrc will only be accessible on the industry side by the facility licensee and on the regulatory side by the state. The secure information will not be available to the general public.

As always, check back with Dykema’s Cannabis Law Blog for further updates.


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MassRoots officials: “Right team and right plan” in place for growth

MassRoots officials: “Right team and right plan” in place for growth

MassRoots Inc.’s new CEO on Thursday sought to put a “weak” quarter and previous leadership in the rear-view mirror, telling investors that he’s optimistic for the road ahead — including potential ventures into arenas such as delivery and digital currency.

Interim CEO Scott Kveton addressed the company’s third-quarter results during a conference call with investors, reiterating that the company’s performance was a contributing factor to the departure of chief executive Isaac Dietrich in October.

“We’ve got the right team and the right plan to move forward,” he said.

Recent conversations with existing and new investors have been encouraging, Kveton said, expressing optimism that the company would be able to increase revenue and raise additional funds to continue operating beyond the current quarter. The recent launches of a dispensary-finder platform and a WordPress-based website create greater flexibility for revenue generation, he said.

The company’s partnership with a venture capital-backed delivery service in California will be “really, really big in January,” when the state launches its recreational program, Kveton said.

Expanding on items disclosed in the quarterly earnings SEC filing, Kveton said MassRoots also is exploring an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, for MassRoots’ entrance into digital currency. The company is evaluating “all the ramifications” of such a move from compliance and regulatory standpoints, he said.

MassRoots raised $545,000 in the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, according to an SEC filing made Thursday. The tokens venture was initiated during the tenure of Dietrich, according to Kveton and the filing.


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Vaping your THC On the Go

Vaping your THC On the Go

Nothing beats a quality vape session at home. You can dab as much as you want and whenever you want – getting high on your own time to your heart’s content. However, there are times where taking your vaping on the go is a must. Therefore, you need something compact (and just as equally delicious) to take with you to load up your sticky stuff and fire away. That is where a good vape pen comes in…like the ones reviewed on TheVape.Guide’s best vape pens list (just saying).

As well, you also want to keep in mind a few things before venturing out for the first time. Just some simple tips that will keep you moving right along and keep you under the radar while you enjoy your high. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Privacy Is Key

The last thing anyone wants is to draw unnecessary attention while vaping in public (especially if it consists of the green stuff) – unless you are really a daredevil. With this in mind, having a super discreet, compact vape pen will definitely ensure that you remain inconspicuous while you savor the taste of your wax or shatter. The main thing that you can do to aid in this is to choose a vape pen that meets some carefully considered criteria such as:

  1. Portability – your vape needs to be small enough to fit into a pocket or purse once you are done with your sesh and doesn’t draw too much attention by making a lot of “noise” (being big and flashy).
  2. Ease of use – your pen should be simple enough for you to use quickly and efficiently. The last thing you want is to spend time figuring it out which will warrant unwanted curiosity from others.
  3. Storage (optional) – if you intend to be out for extended periods of time, finding a vape pen that can hold extra dab would be quite helpful. Some usually have a discreet slot at the base for storing your excess THC.

Vaping Laws and Courtesies

For the majority of places (regardless of their current status of recreational marijuana), it is still illegal to smoke or vape it in public places – with a few exceptions of course. This also applies to most businesses and government buildings as well. While some businesses will allow vaping on the premises, there are still some that are wary of vaping in general so keeping these tips in mind will be super helpful when enjoying your THC while out and about.

  • If you aren’t sure you can vape somewhere, you can always ask a manager or the store owner.
  • If in doubt, just don’t do it to avoid getting in trouble or unwanted attention.
  • Do your research regarding the vaping laws and regulations to keep yourself in check while out.

By following these “guidelines”, you will be much more likely to enjoy vaping while out and avoid negative reactions from people should you find yourself having to resort to vaping around them. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a secluded place to enjoy your THC – untouched and unbridled by the world. vapeBe Respectful

This one is a no brainer for most. With whatever you do, you should always be respectful to others especially when you are in a public place. This, more than anything, applies to vaping.

Smoking, which is frequently compared to vaping, has gotten such a bad reputation over the decades (for obvious reasons) and those who are uneducated about vaping are likely to lump a vaper into the same crowd as a smoker and become irritated when they vape. In situations like this, just take the time to read people around you and get a vibe of how they will receive you if you vape.

If you are unsure or believe that your vaping will not be well-received, either refrain from vaping or just leave the area and vape elsewhere.


Vaping at home can be very fun especially when you whip out the bad boys for that extra fun and exciting vape sesh. However, when you do have to venture outside your home, vaping in public can be just as enjoyable, if you know what you are doing. All you have to do is:

  • Be respectful of others and businesses that you frequent when you decide to vape.
  • Read up on your city and state’s (or province’s) laws and rules of vaping.
  • Enjoy your vape pen and choose wisely to maximize privacy while out and about.

Do these things and you’ll see–vaping your THC wax on the move isn’t going to be much of a problem. Just don’t go breaking any laws. 😉


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7 Top Hacks to Get Best Performance from Firefly 2 Vaporizer

7 Top Hacks to Get Best Performance from Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Friday, November 10th, 2017

fire fly with girl

So you’ve got your hands on the exquisitely crafted Firefly 2. You feel like the luckiest vaper on earth! But also you feel like you could be getting more out of this little beaut. Well, as with everything in this modern life, there are numerous Firefly 2 hacks out there. To make sure you’re always getting the best out of your vape session, we’ve outlined the top 7 hacks below!

Firefly 2 : Be Master of your Flight path

As you may already well know, our beloved Firefly 2 is a portable vaporizer. The Firefly 2 heats your material solely via convection with super-heated air. This makes it different than most other vapes out there. The best thing about the Firefly 2 is that YOU are in control!

Firefly 2 gold

Image Source: Namaste Vapes Canada

The Firefly 2 offers superb flavor for a portable vaporizer while remaining extremely efficient. Its chamber efficiently vapes as little as 0.1g of dried material. The draw itself is always smooth and never harsh. So if you choose to vape, herbs or concentrates, you can rely on the velvety vapor your Firefly 2 will produce. One of the other great aspects of the Firefly 2 is the on demand heating. The Firefly only heats up when in use so there’s no wasted herb between draws and you’re getting all the goodness.

So now that we’re all nice and cosy, let’s get down to the tips and tricks that will improve on an already golden child of a vape:

 Getting Started with the Grind

Firefly 2 grinder

First things first, let’s take a look at the herbs you’re grinding. It’s important to remember not to grind too much at once. Don’t over-grind the herb. The convection heating system in the Firefly 2 will never work well with super small ground herb.

Basically your Firefly 2 don’t want none unless it’s got buns hun, so the chunkier the better! This leaves more surface area for the the hot air to circulate around the herb. It will vaporize all the tastiness for you to enjoy. It also means the herbs will be vaporized more evenly, reducing wastage.

You can break up your herb by hand, but sometimes that method can take away from the taste. Uneven chunk size can lead to uneven vaporization. Ideally, try to get your vapor lovin’ hands on a grinder and give your herb a few spins in it.

Grinders generally provide a more even grind. It’s easier to make sure all the goodness makes it into the chamber. You’ll might notice that your hits are a bit bigger and a little more potent.

An App to Keep you “Appy”

fire fly app

The next step in making sure you’re ready for you Firely 2. Download the Firefly Vapor smartphone app. Available for free download for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOs from the Apple Store. This app makes the Firefly 2 wonderfully accessible to everyday vapers. It gives you complete control over you session. The Firefly Vapor app allows you to fine tune your temperature. Settings allowing for the most precise vaporization.

It also allows you to switch your Firefly 2 from dry herb to concentrate mode! Dry herb mode has a few different heat levels to choose from. You can experiment it with to find your favourite temperature.

Concentrate mode has a single temperature that is perfect for vaping concentrates. Concentrate mode is the highest temperature available. But be warned that your dry herbs may burn. This would be a terrible waste!

Ensuring Herbalicious Vaping

Here’s a few tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the best out of you dry herbs. Load the oven with coarsely ground herbs, avoid any massive chunks. The oven on the Firefly 2 has a capacity of 0.15g but will still provide tasty vapor when two thirds full.

If the oven is too tightly packed, you won’t be able to get a good hit out of your Firefly 2. The hot air you’re pulling in and around the herbs won’t have enough room to circulate. It wont be vaporizing as effectively as with a less packed oven.

Admittedly there is a small learning curve with this process of packing the oven. But it’s just like riding a bike – once you know, you know! If you find you losing power in your hit, try stirring the contents of the oven. You can also empting them onto the lid of the Firefly 2. After scrape back into the oven so that they are “upside down”.

It’s important to make sure that the glass vapor path on your Firefly 2 is free of any gunk or debris. This could affect the taste of your vapor. Also, make sure the magnetic lid is fully sealed onto the body of the vaporizer lest vapor could escape!

Concentrate on This

The trick to vaporizing concentrates is not to overload the pads. Instead, experiment first with smaller doses (around the size of a sesame seed) so you can start to understand each other. This will help with keeping your Firefly 2 clean, because concentrate gunk is the gunkiest, and also prevent you from suffering any super strong hits. Remember, concentrates are exactly what they say on the tin – concentrated! As nice and tasty as any vapor is, too much will still sicken you, and the last thing we want is you going off your favourite flavours. Concentrates can also take a little longer to heat up so experiment with cigar-style puffs until you see and/or taste vapor and then try a deep inhale to get the process started.

Keep it clean

Cleaning you Firefly is like cleaning your room – you should do it often! But don’t worry, it’s a much more pleasurable task and you won’t find any mystery socks lurking in there (Well, you shouldn’t anyway). When your vape required cleaning will, of course depend on usage and build up of gunk, but if you can keep you Firefly 2 vaporizer sparkly and clog-free, your vapor will always be pure and tasty so it’s totally worth doing it fairly often.

It’s generally a very straightforward job and much easier if you do it immediately after a session, when the stainless steel and the window on the cover are still warm. Just take a paper towel or handkerchief and wiping away gunk or residue that tends to build up on the window and the area around the oven. If you wait for the Firefly 2 to cool down, you’ll need a little bit of alcohol to help wipe all the gunk out. If for no other reason, remember you need to clean your vape because damage caused by neglect of cleaning will void the warranty!

Hit Me Like That Snare. More, More More

When trying to maximise your hit, it’s best to start with the simple things so make sure that the lid of the Firefly 2 is on tight and the the mouthpiece has been inserted correctly – you will hear/feel a click.

Another hack for getting bigger puffs on the go is placing a concentrate pad, included as an accessory in the box, on top of the herb in the oven chamber. The idea behind this is that the metal pad acts as a conductor for the heat passing through the chamber effectively adding conduction heat to the vaporization process. This works to a certain extent, but be careful when you approach higher temperatures as the pad may burn your herb and taint the vapor’s otherwise delicious taste.

Tackling a Slow Starter

girl using fire fly

As an on-demand vaporizer, the Firefly 2 will only heat up when you take a draw from it. This means there isn’t a lot of heat built up during the early puffs of your session, but we can help you with that too. In order to get the fuller hit first time, you need to get the vaporization started before you take a big draw.

A few sips of the mouthpiece is enough to get the air to heat up. Once heated it will flow through the oven chamber in and around the herb. Once you notice you Firefly 2 start to produce a little bit of vapor, that’s your cue to take a long 7-10 seconds draw.

If you take a long, steady enough draw, the Firefly 2 will give a little whistle and that’s your sign the your vape is ready to go. Other than that, you can try yelling Jiminy Cricket, but I don’t know what kind of vape expert he is! And always let your vapor be you guide!

And there you have it , our best tips, tricks, hacks and general advice for getting the most out of your Firefly 2. With it’s compatibility with herbs and concentrates and supreme functionality it truly is much, much more than a pretty face!


Published at Fri, 10 Nov 2017 08:24:32 +0000